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Build a Robot Flash game! Race a hovercraft in this Flash game! You get to be the shark in this mini-game. Build and fight your own mech!
Build A Robot
Build a Robot from all the wacky parts lying around the lab!
Hovercraft Racing
Race a hovercraft around a track. Don't crash!
You are the shark, eat as many fish as you can in this addicting game.
Build more than 3000 combinations of mechs and dominate the globe!
Save earth from the space invaders! Construct a face with this Flash tool. Just like classic Tetris! Hillary Clinton sound board.
Space Invaders
Save earth from an alien invasion!
Social Games
Play games with friends and family through these social games!
Just like classic tetris without the annoying music!
Hillary Clinton
Use this sound board to prank call friends! Tons of funny word combinations.
Perform an autopsy on a dead clown! This flash uses science to create optical illusions! Eat other fish and grow! Submachine (Extended Version)
Perform an autopsy. Game of skill. Similar to operation.
Blind Spot Test
This is a neat little optical illusion tool. Fun to play around with!
Fat Fish
You can't always be the toughest fish in the sea, or can you?
Totally awesome rare point and click adventure game. Collect items, solve mysteries.

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